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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 01) Are your images for sale? Generally, no. Occasionally I might put some items on my "for sale" pages. Check there. It's a slow process. 02) Do you have information on the following singer .... I have about 175 out-of-print books on music and opera. I'll try to find some information. Don't be upset if I send you a scan in a language other than English. I'm foreign-language-challenged. 03) I am looking for my great, great, aunt/uncle/ etc. who was a singer ... See above. Information on lesser-known singers is very hard to come by regardless who you ask, but I'll give it a try. I also have access to some genealogical and old newspaper material. 04) Can I use your images in my website? No. I worked very, very hard to scan/crop/reduce these images and find information about these singers. I did it for my website, not yours. 05) I am a non-profit group and I need [image xyz] for [whatever] .... It's at my discretion. I have provided images for the CBS Sunday Morning program (the 100th anniversary of Madama Butterfly), Renee Fleming's CD "Homage: The Age of the Diva," and several other worthy endeavors. However, I am a one-person show here with a fulltime job. I can only do so much. So it's at my discretion to whom I will provide images. Marston was kind enough to send me a free copy of the CD for which I supplied an image. Thank you, Marston. 06) Do you sell digital scans? Occasionally, yes, but within reason. I can provide 300 or 400 dpi scans for a reasonable price, but don't ask for many because I will tell you that I simply don't have the time, which is the truth! Some of the images on my website have been sold before the days of adequate (or even color) scanning so I may not be able to provide good image. I will let you know. I accept Paypal as payment. Also, I may not, by law, sell you images that are protected under copyright. Images such as the Victor or Edison postcards, or any image published by the Metropolitan Opera may still be subject to copyright so I will not sell digital images of those. 07) Where can I find a copy of the book, "A Look at Opera Through the Early Days of the Picture Postcard?" © The book is no longer available. There are copies around the globe, but not that many. 08) Do you purchase opera postcards/cabinets/ etc.? Yes, if they fill in my collection in certain areas.