Loki (Loge) und Sigyn

  Freya (Gerda.)

Thor (Donnar.)



Thor (Donnar.) (Götterdämmerung) number 626.

Parsifal, number 753.

Rheingold, number 755.

Walküre, number 751.

Götterdämmerung, number 750.

Freya (Gerda.) (Götterdämmerung) - number 628.

Loki (Loge) und Sigyn. (Götterdämmerung) - number


Altgermanische Wagner Postcards

Historic Opera
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The earliest postmark I have on these lovely

postcards is 1899. The artist and series

name are unidentified but every card appears

to be numbered. On the left edge it will say

either "Altgermanische" (Old Germanic)

followed by a card number, or "Wagner-Oper"

followed by a card number. Each card of a

particular opera shares the same

embellishments on the writing area on the

right. On the bottom of every card it says,

Ges. Gesch (Gesetzlich Geschützt), which is

basically saying that the card is copyright.

The card samples seen here are: