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Dr. Karl Muck: German conductor (22 Oct 1859: Darmstadt, Hesse- Darmstadt, Germany - 3 Mar 1940: Stuttgart, Germany). He made his debut (1880) in Leipzig with the Gewandhaus Orchestra. Charles Dalmorès (1871-1939): French dramatic tenor. He first studied horn at the Paris Conservatory which led to engagements by the Cologne and Lamoureaux Orchestras for two years each. His tenor debut (6 Oct 1899) took place in Rouen. He was a popular figure at the Monnaie, the Paris Opéra, Covent Garden, and the Manhattan and Chicago Operas. Seen here as Lohengrin, which he sang at the Bayreuth Festival of 1908. German soprano Katharina Fleischer-Edel (1873-1928) made guest appearances at Bayreuth as Elisabeth and Elsa in 1904, Brangane and Sieglinde in 1906, and Sieglinde and Elsa in 1908. She repeated her Elisabeth, Elsa, and Brünnhilde at the Metropolitan Opera in 1906. She possessed a fine lyric voice but was not particularly noted for her acting. Seen here as Elsa. Nicola Geisse-Winkel (Bad Ems: 27 Feb 1872 - Wiesbaden: 11 August 1932) as Heerufer (Lohengrin). He studied at the Universities of Marburg, Munich, Budapest, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Strassburg. He performed in Köln, Aachen, Mainz, Wiesbaden, among others. He first performed at Bayreuth in 1908, but his appearance there as Heerufer dates from 1912. Norwegian soprano Ellen Gulbranson (1863-1946). Originally Ellen Norgren. She made her stage debut (1889) at the Royal Opera in Stockholm as Aida. Although she received her vocal training elsewhere (notably with the Marchesi family), she was enrolled in Cosima Wagner's training school in 1892 and made her first Bayreuth Festival appearance in 1896 as Brünnhilde (seen here with "Grane"), which was so sensational that it drove her alternate, the esteemed Lilli Lehmann, from Bayreuth. Austrian tenor Alois Hadwiger (Olmütz, Austria: 11 Aug 1879 - Graz, Austria: 23 Mar 1948) as Froh. He studied under Julius Kniese at the Bayreuth School. His debut (1904) at the Bayreuth Festival was in this role. He appeared there in 1906 and 1908 as Parsifal. After he retired from singing he directed the Mecklenburger Theater in Schwerin.
Swedish soprano Lily Hafgren-Waag (1884-1965) made her Bayreuth debut in the role of Freia (Das Rheingold), seen here. She was invited by Siegfried Wagner to the 1909 Festival, subsequently returning in 1911, 1912 and 1924. She was a favorite Elsa, and her Eva was highly praised by the Bayreuth critics. Her successes in Bayreuth led to contracts in Mannheim and Berlin. Herta Dehmlow (Prussia: 26 Apr 1877 - Kaliningrad: 1946) as Erda. She performed at the Bayreuth Festival in 1909. In her later years she was a vocal teacher in Berlin. American bass Allen C. Hinckley (1877-1954). He trained in New York under Oscar Saenger. He made his debut (1903) at the Hamburg Opera. He was a member of the Metropolitan Opera (1908-14) and an accomplished guest at the Bayreuth Festivals (1906-08).
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