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Olga Band-Agloda (Vienna: 1872 - Austria: 27 Aug 1941). She made her debut in Koblenz. She sang in several cities (Plauen, Posen, Rostock, Augsburg, Mulhouse, Halle) before singing in Bayreuth (1908-1912). After Bayreuth she again made appearances in cities throughout Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia. She married Erich Band (1876-1945) who was the principal conductor at the opera in Stuttgart. Carl Braun, German bass (Meisenheim, Germany: 2 Jun 1886 - Hamburg: 24 Apr 1960). A pupil of the Berlin Imperial Opera. Sang with the Wiesbaden Royal Opera (1906-11), Vienna Imperial Opera (1911-12), Berlin City Opera (1912-14). Sang for many years at the Bayreuth Festivals (1906-31). Metropolitan Opera (1912-17), Berlin State Opera (1920-27). Seen here as Gurnemanz in Parsifal. Swedish soprano Lilly Hafgren-Waag (1884-1965) made her Bayreuth debut in the role of Freia (Das Rheingold), seen here. She was invited by Siegfried Wagner to the 1909 Festival, subsequently returning in 1911, 1912 and 1924. She was a favorite Elsa, and her Eva was highly praised by the Bayreuth critics. Her successes in Bayreuth led to contracts in Mannheim and Berlin. German tenor Heinrich Hensel (1874-1935) as Loge in Das Rheingold inthe first image. He was particularly known for his Loge as well as his portrayal of Parsifal (second image), which he created for London audiences. Siegfried Wagner engaged him to create the principal tenor role for his opera Banadietrich (Karlsruhe, 1910). He was married to German soprano Elsa Schweitzer (1878-1937). Karl Ziegler (1886-1944) was an operatic tenor, who was active in Germany and Austria. His career began at the Vienna Volksoper. He appeared during the Bayreuth Festival 1911-12 season in the role of David (seen here) in Meistersinger. After that he performed with the Hamburg State Opera and the Frankfurt Opera before returning to Vienna to sing at the Vienna State Opera. In later years he sang operetta.
German tenor Walter Kirchhoff (1879- 1951) studied with Lilli Lehmann and Robert Weiss. He made his debut (1906) at the Berlin Imperial Opera as Faust. He was particularly noted as a Wagnerian singer. As Walther von Stolzing (seen here) in a 1913 Meistersinger at Covent Garden, The Times said, "Mr. Kirchhoff gives what one so rarely gets in a Wagnerian tenor, a combination of vocal power and manly personality, which is essential to a satisfactory representation." Kirchhoff sang at the 1911-14 Bayreuth Festivals, during which time he also served as the chief administrative assistant to the Crown Prince of Germany.
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