Signed Artist - Giovanni Mataloni and Adolfo Hohenstein - Iris

Historic Opera
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The Mascagni Iris art nouveau-style postcards date back to 1898, and they were a bit of a puzzlement at first. I initially thought that there were two separate sets of 12 cards by two different artists, Giovanni Mataloni (1869 - 1944) and Adolfo Hohenstein (1854 - 1928). I’ve come to the conclusion that there is only one set of Iris postcards to which each artist contributed six paintings. The Mataloni postcards contain his initials, and the Hohenstein cards have his name. The six Hohenstein postcards come with either a blank back (early set) or in a numbered Ricordi & C set. The six Mataloni postcards come with either a blank back (early set) or with the typical “Cartolina Postale Italiana” markings of the early 1900s.