Arena di Verona

Historic Opera
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1926 Nerone
1926 Trovatore
Arena di Veronia 1896
Sometimes what is written on the back of the postcard is just as important as the picture on the front: Verona: 12 Aug 1932: Heard Gigli in Africana last night -- 30,000 people!!! We arrived and found all full - and literally thousands kept out - Terrible agitation --- but found Groni who got us through with much communication. In darkest Africa Gigli sang Martha! Marion and Maria, Mari --- and they pushed in a Piano in the African jungle scene. Wonderful things to tell you --- a real shipwreck in the 3rd act -- - Hotels full - stay in a private flat!  Love Harry.
The amphitheater dates back to 30 AD and events in the arena attracted spectators from far away places. It was used principally as a theatre during the Renaissance, and then operatic performances appear there in the 1850s. With the exception of periods during the two World Wars, the arena has been home to opera performances, with an occasional diversion into popular and rock music.