Feodor Chaliapin (Kazan: 1873 - Paris: 1928)

Historic Opera
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Excerpts from the New York Times obituary: Paris, April 12 [1938] --- Feodor Chaliapin died in his Paris apartment of kidney ailments which became complicated with anemia, but which he had treated lightly, joking with his nurses until shortly before he died. Feodor Chaliapin ranked as one of the greatest singing actors of the last four decades. His international fame was rooted most deeply in his operatic career, but his accomplishments encompassed a wider realm than that of the opera.... When he sang in opera Chaliapin dominated the stage. He was a master of the fine art of make-up and he worked out his conceptions with a regard for every possible detail. The result was that his characterization[s] were vividly lifelike. In addition, he had a rich, smooth voice and he used it always with a careful regard for the demands of the character, whether the character was a noble, majestic figure like Boris Godunoff or a comic, salty person like Don Basilio in "The Barber of Seville...."  
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