V. Rigaud Paris - Parfum

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The V. Rigaud perfumery is one of the oldest in France, dating back to the reign of King Louis XVIII. We can thank the Rigaud family for introducing celebrity fragrances to the world. There are several early (and rare) postcards and magazine ads featuring opera singers advertising perfumes that were named in their honor. The postcards from the famous Paris perfumery, V. Rigaud, are particularly beautiful. If you were a BIG star you had an entire line of products named after you, which was the case with Mary Garden. She had perfume, facial powders, toilet water, lipstick, creams, and an assortment of other toiletries with her name attached to them. However, Rigaud may have introduced some Mary Garden products without her consent. As a result, Garden sued Rigaud in 1937, and won!  If you are a collector, the tins which carried these products can still be found.
Examples of magazine advertisements