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(1) Boeck
(2) Boeck
(3) Berthet
(4) Berthet
(5) Bohnen
(6) Bohnen
(7) Bischoff
(8) Bolskaya
(9) Beuer
(10) Bolshakov
(1-2) Anna Margarethe Boeck Lendrop (Denmark: 13 Jul 1873/5 - Copenhagen: 30 Apr 1920) as Carmen (image 1), one of her signature roles. Danish mezzo-soprano. (3-4) Lucy-Bertrand Berthet: Belgian soprano (1866-?): She made her Paris Opéra debut (1892) as Ophelie in Hamlet. She had an outstanding career with the Opéra where she was noted for her Juliette, Marguerite, Thaïs, Elsa, and Zerline (Don Juan). She was Ortlinde in the first Paris Opéra La Walkyrie (1893), and the first Gwendoline and Briséis in Chabrier's operas of the same names (1893 and 1899). Upon her retirement she became a sought-after vocal teacher. (5-6) Michael Bohnen: German bass-baritone (1887-1965) as Escamillo (image 5). He created the title role in Jonny Spielt Auf in the first American performance of that work at the Metropolitan Opera (19 Jan 1929). He was an imaginative actor whose onstage antics often created comment and criticism. (7) Baritone Johannes Bischoff (Berlin: 19 Mar 1874 - 10 Oct 1936) in Tiefland. His teachers included Mathilde Mallinger and Franz Betz. Debut (1899) as the Dutchman. He was married to Sophie Bischoff-David. (8) Adele Bolskaya (Adelaida Yulianovna Bolskaya) (Moscow: 16 Feb 1863/4 - 29 Sep 1930). Attended the Moscow Conservatory. Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow), Mariinsky Theatre (St. Petersburg). Toured France. (9) Elise Beuer (1861-?) Mezzo-soprano/soprano. She studied under her father who, at the time, was the music director in Carlsbad. She took further studies in Vienna. She made her debut in Berlin (1890). She sang throughout Europe: Breslau, Chemnitz, Hamburg, Mainz, Leipzig, Dresden, Hannover, Bremen, Karlsruhe, and so forth. (10) Tenor Nikolay Abramovich Bolshakov (Kharkov: 1874 - Leningrad: 1958). He studied with Pryanishnikov. After several concert performances, he made his opera debut in St. Petersburg as a member of the Kharkov Opera.  He also appeared with the Moscow Private Opera and the Mariinsky. He made guest appearances in Barcelona, Riga, Rome and Paris. From 1925 to 1953 he taught vocal art at the Leningrad Conservatory. He had a large repertoire of principal tenor roles.
Mikhail Bocharov (1872 - 1836) 
(Left and Below) Elisabeth Boehm van Endert was born in Neuss-am-Rhine in 1884. She trained with Dr. Richard Mueller, Pachallis Souvestre, and Luise Reuss- Belce. She made her debut as a concert singer in Cologne in 1906, and then on the opera stage (Marguerite: Faust) in the following year at the Royal Opera in Dresden. From there she went to Berlin and then Charlottenburg, singing several principal roles. Seen at left with Erna Denera. .
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